Baby Gender Reveal

One of the first questions after you find out the baby’s due date is usually, do you know the sex?

Sam and I both knew we wanted to find out the sex of the baby as soon as possible! To us having a baby was a shock/surprise, let alone waiting until the birth to find out the sex!  Although don’t get me wrong i strongly admire those strong willed mum’s out there who keep it a surprise! If only i had the will power…. 🙂 oh and the patience.

After a discussion with my midwife she mentioned a client of hers didn’t find out during the 18 week scan and instead asked the sonographer to write the sex down in an envelope. This spoke to me! I decided i wanted to find out this way, but rather than Sam and I opening it together i wanted to share the moment with our closest friends and family at a gender reveal party (much to Sam’s horror of course ha).

We discussed this with Sam’s mum who lives in Christchurch and she kindly insisted on making the cake which would reveal the gender. ie when you cut into the cake Pink = Girl Blue = Boy.

So it was set we would find out the baby’s gender at our 18 week scan in August and keep it in an envelope until September, when we would go back to Christchurch for our Gender Reveal Party. Now anyone who know’s me knows there is no way i could keep this envelope in the house and not even peek at it! So of course we gave this to our midwife who then text Sam’s mum a week prior to the party so she could prepare the cake. In the end the first person to find out the little bean’s sex was Sam’s Mum!

I looked into almost every old wives tale about discovering the sex of the baby. A friend of mine introduced me to the Chinese gender chart and even though it was a 50% chance of it being correct in this instance it was right!

When people suggest that if you crave sweet foods you are having a girl and if you crave savoury it’s a boy, i would just like to say this is FALSE haha! Well in my case it was anyway! I have never been a fan of anything sweet and since being pregnant sugar is my saviour. This could be due to the fact that i now have Sam’s genetics inside my body craving the sweet stuff 😉

The month of anticipation went by and we invited just a few close friends and family to share the surprise with us. Those who couldn’t make it (my Mum, Step Dad, Sam’s Dad, Step Mum & close friends) were face timed in on the occasion or sent a video straight after the cake cutting.

Majority of people say they are happy with whatever the sex may be and just hope for a healthy baby. In our case this was VERY true. From the beginning my gut instinct kept telling me it was a boy ! Leading up to the party i had assumed it was a boy for no particular reason i just felt that he was going to be a boy. However on the day of the party my anxiety took over and i started to doubt my gut and started actually worrying that it could be a girl and this whole time i had never seriously considered that it could be. What if i didn’t know how to be a Mum to a girl? What if she didn’t like me? What if i wasn’t the role model she needed? EVERY thought went rushing through my head 10 minutes before we cut that cake.

We managed to shakily cut the cake together…… and it’s ……..


Baby Scan


A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When we finally cut the cake i was SO excited and relieved that my gut instinct was right all along 🙂 The thought that we will have a mini Sam walking around the house is pretty special. I still can’t believe i’m going to be the only girl in a household of 3 boys! Sam, Harvey and Mini Sam.

This was honestly an amazing way to find out the gender and if any of you are considering a gender reveal party i would say DO IT! As long as you know you will be happy either way of course 🙂


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