The Birth of Mason Peter Mayell

Born: Wednesday 28 December 2016 at 9.45am

Weight: 7.95 pounds, 48cm long.

To celebrate Mason’s one week old birthday i thought i would share his birth story.

As discussed in my previous blog post we did have a birth plan but i was very open minded about the fact that PLAN A could easily turn into PLAN B (the unplanned plan)

Monday 26 December 2016
Christmas day had passed and I could breathe. I wouldn’t have to name our boy Alfie or Noel. Obviously my body had totally relaxed and that morning when in the bathroom “my show” came. To those who may be as unaware as i was about this, this is a mucus layer that protects the baby and it can show up a week or days or even hours away from starting contractions.

It hit 10pm and the contractions had arrived. They felt like quite strong period pains and they were bearable and coming on average every 10-20mins. These continued on all night and started to get closer together. Sleeping that night was not possible, nor was eating. To keep the pain level down i had very long showers twice that night which helped a lot.

Tuesday 27 December 2016
After a night of no sleep, morning arrived and the pains were still coming. I hopped in the shower again, this time with the swiss ball. This was the most comfortable i had been since the contractions started. If you are due to have a baby shortly… Go and get yourself one of these now! The relief when you can sit on it is worth every penny.

The hot water took the edge off the pains and meant i could then lie down and try to sleep. This was next to impossible because lying down seemed to make the pains so much worse. The day continued and i was in and out of the shower, bouncing on the swiss ball. I grew some balls and decided to go for a walk around the block to try and break my waters and speed things along!

This must have looked hilarious, i made it down the driveway and around the corner. A lady pulled up outside her house a few metres ahead and seemed to be staring at us for quite a while. As I waddled down the street, stopping every few minutes for the contractions she approached. “Can i offer you a lift somewhere are you two ok?” Haha  (she seemed very concerned) to which i replied “oh it’s all fine i’m just having contractions. No big deal Ha.”

The afternoon passed and that evening the contractions started to get a lot worse. We called the midwife at 6pm and she came over. Expecting to give me some sleep medication and pain meds she arrived around 6.30pm and in that time frame the contraction pain had increased. When she arrived she explained it usually isn’t any benefit to do an examination in the early stages as it can be very disappointing. Claire (my midwife) suspected i was further into the process than i may have thought. Ding Ding i was 4cm dilated! The plan was to stay at home until i really couldn’t bare to be at home anymore. Going to the hospital too early can delay labour and the idea of turning up to be told to go home was not going to fly with me.

It was 10pm i was struggling with the pain now and we called Claire and said we wanted to go to Christchurch Women’s Hospital over the original plan for St George’s. We met her at the hospital.

My Mum who I wanted there for the birth was on an airplane from Sydney – Christchurch at this point.

We arrived at the hospital and walked up the maternity ward, I heard the most horrific screams i had ever heard. A lady yelling at the top of her lungs “i can’t fucking do thissssssss” NOOOOOO! Ha that was it! I was officially overwhelmed!! Holy shit that was going to be me soon and the lady sounded like she was DYING!!!!!

I walked into our room  with tears streaming down my face. Keep in mind at this point i had been contracting for 24hours straight with no sleep and basically zero food. I was already exhausted and this wasn’t even the beginning.

My midwife had the birth pool running, dim lighting and gave me a huge hug when she saw how overwhelmed i was. This felt right, it felt like the right location, right atmosphere and to top it all off my Mum arrived to the hospital just 10 minutes after we arrived.


My Amazing Midwife Claire


The Birthing Pool


I leant over the bed initially with each contraction and started using the gas. At first this was hard to use but when i got the hang of it, it was great.

The midwife checked my dilation and i was 6cm dilated, this was good news. The pool filled up and i hopped in. This was heavenly, the temperature, the weightlessness i stayed in there for at least an hour. Then suddenly I heard a huge popping noise. This really freaked me out i had no idea what it was. When my midwife returned to the birthing room i explained what noise i heard and she said it was indeed my waters that had broken. FINALLY!


From that point on contractions were INTENSE!!! In a very short amount of time my dilation had gone from 6cm to 9cm and i was now really feeling the urge to push. My midwife explained that my cervix lip was currently in the way and i would need to hold back from pushing until or if this went away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I was ready to push. That was the most horrific pain i had ever been in in my life and to then be told i had to wait until my cervix moved i lost it. GIVE ME THE DRUGS i yelled. I NEED THEM!

Mason was also posterior and his head was tilted to the side so not only was i 9cm dilated but i was also in excruciating pain from his positioning.

Wednesday 28 December 2016
At this point my midwife agreed to get the epidural. She explained that due to his positioning and the cervix being in the way still we needed to make progress and at that point it had been a very long time and she recommended an epidural.

The epidural was in and it was like magic i finally could rest, along with Sam & Mum & even the midwife. They had all started to fade also, which was fair enough, it had been well over 10 hours for them with zero sleep during the night and watching me in agony.

After an hour rest we were ready to push. Due to having the epidural i couldn’t  feel the contractions which made it very difficult to push. I had to visualise everything. The pushing went on for about 2 hours with not much progress. My midwife then went and got another hospital midwife to help with support because all of us were so exhausted at this point and it was now that we really needed all the energy in the room we could muster up.

The obstetricians both came to introduce themselves at this point. Explaining that if things didn’t progress shortly that there may be a need for an emergency Caesarean. I had been pushing for well over 2 hours and this caused his heart rate to increase.

This was not in PLAN A, B or C in my mind! I really hadn’t considered the fact that this may happen to be totally honest. I really used all the energy within every fibre of my body at this point to push. I was so determined to push this baby out myself!

Sam said he was highly concerned i was going to pop all of the veins in my neck haha. I’ve never tried so hard at something in my life.

The reason the pushing was so long was due to the wrong positioning, not only did i have to push a baby out of my vagina but i also had to turn that baby around while pushing him out! My midwife has since explained to me that this is the main reason for many caesareans and the fact that i did manage to push and turn him around was incredible. Even with the help of an epidural, I am still so proud of myself for managing to do this.

The doctors returned in their emergency scrubs and i knew at that point it was now or never. They popped a mirror up so i could see and i went for it again and again. Finally i managed to push his head far enough that they could cut me. Yes an episiotomy. Sounds terrible, but it was that or emergency c section, so i’m pretty happy with the fact that we avoided a c-section.

The head was out!! RELIEF… best feeling in the world, after that the body was easy to pull/push out.


Mason Officially Earthside

HE WAS HERE, i saw his face and burst into tears whilst proudly telling people “it’s my baby” “my babyyyyyy” i genuinely had never seen anything as beautiful in my life.


There he sat on my chest and in that moment every inch of pain in my body disappeared, i was filled with the most euphoric feeling i have ever experienced in my life. I had made this beautiful creature that was sitting on my chest.

We did it!

Mason was born at 9.45am on Wednesday 28 December 2016, weighed 7.95 pounds and was 48cm long.

It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life. All up since contracting it was a 36 hour long process. I’m so thankful to my amazing midwife, the staff at both Christchurch Women’s Hospital and of course my support team Sam & Mum. I don’t know what i would have done without them both there. Having their support was incredible!


Nana & Mason


6 days into this motherhood thing, and i can tell you i would do it all over again in a heartbeat! He makes my heart want to explode and i’m so grateful that i get to be his mama!




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    January 4, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Congratulations!! 😀 Mason is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your story – for some reason I find it calms my nerves a bit reading a real account of birth (especially from a fellow NZer) rather than the textbook ones described in the books and mags. Just under 3 months to go for me! All the best!! 🙂

    • Reply
      January 4, 2017 at 9:53 am

      Oh i am so pleased! Thank you so much for reading. I can totally relate, when pregnant the real stories from relatable people can do wonders and i know it did for me when i was pregnant, hence why i started the blog in the first place. CONGRATS on your pregnancy hope you are feeling well 🙂 xxxx

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