Our Birth Plan – Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Today is the day that i leave our little nest in Queenstown and head to Christchurch (on a jet plane) I will be 38 weeks tomorrow / a giant waddling humpback whale. So the idea of driving to Christchurch was, never going to happen ha! Sam is going to join me in Christchurch in four days time driving the car down with our fur baby Harvey, car seat and baby goods. Here’s hoping Baby Mayell stays put the rest of this week until his arrival!

Then it will be as simple as, popping the baby out the week i’m due, early January. That way the baby isn’t born on Christmas Day or New Years. Mum will arrive from Brisbane in more than enough time to the birth. I’ll have a totally natural water birth and be one of those new Mum’s who had a euphoric natural experience and childbirth is the best thing they have ever experienced. SIMPLE!

Yeah not quite….

From about 22 weeks of gestation we had decided that we would be in Christchurch for our birth. This was due to the facts that:

  • Queenstown is considered a rural hospital and therefore is only a primary unit birthing centre, run by midwives. This i have no problem with. The concern was that the nearest hospital with access to an obstetrician in case of emergency is a 2 hour car ride away. Sam being in a car with me, in contractions for 2 hours – oh the poor guy!
  • My mum lives in Brisbane and it will be easier for her to fly into Christchurch in a rush than it would be Queenstown.
  • The timing of being due during the Christmas and New Year period meant Sam could celebrate with his Mum’s family based in Christchurch and I could see my very close girlfriends and family during this time.

It all made sense at the time however over the past few days i’ve really started to feel anxious about everything. I felt that i needed the nursery fully set up and perfect, i needed a whole freezer worth of prepped meals, everything needed to be perfect for our return! I’m guessing this is Santa’s way of saying – Merry Xmas you have nearly entered motherhood and with that comes the crazy standards mothers expect of themselves (good prep for the real mum thing i’m guessing haha)

Going to Christchurch has also meant that i have two midwives (diva alert) one in Queenstown who i have built up my relationship with this whole pregnancy. Then a second midwife in Christchurch who i have met a couple of times and due to a lot of luck we managed to get. Although the past few days i’ve felt a little on edge about leaving i know that once we arrive, we can totally relax because, that’s right….it’s actually Christmas soon. Something i have been struggling to get my head around this year haha.

I know it will be amazing to see friends and family who we haven’t seen a lot of this year and just relax and enjoy the festive season.

The Christchurch Birth Plan:

We have very briefly gone over our birth plan…. I’m pretty open to the fact that it is PLAN A and PLAN B (the not planned, plan) could easily interrupt and shit all over my miracle birthing situation. So just take it as it comes.

Location: Stay at home/ Sam’s parents until contractions are unbearable then move on to St George’s Hospital in Christchurch. This is a primary unit run by midwives. However Christchurch Women’s Hospital is only a 5 minute drive down the road.

People: x2 support people in the room only! My Mum (provided she jumps on a plane in time!!) & Sam.

Delivery: Natural birth, ideally water birth at St George’s. If medication is needed I’m willing to adapt to circumstances. Ideally all intervention is to be avoided! Ability to walk around and not lie on back to give birth.

After Delivery: Immediate skin to skin with the baby, delayed cord clamping, placenta to be saved, breastfeed asap, Sam to cut the cord.

That’s really the total basics of it and I’m (surprisingly) not going into thorough detail because i’m truly keeping my mind open to all circumstances. Oh and i really don’t want to jinx myself haha!

Our Birthing plan involves relocation, figuring out when to get mum on a plane, the fact our baby could be born on Christmas Day or New Years Eve (poor baby, i will do my best to avoid this happening by crossing my legs and avoiding hot curries!)  There are a few tricky situations thrown into the mix. At the end of the day though we are going to have a baby and regardless of where we are, we are going to have the best support system surrounding us and falling in love with him.

So bring it on Baby Mayell i can’t wait to see your face and squish your cheeks!!!

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