Bumpdate! 7 Weeks To Go!

We are down to single digits! Writing this at 33 weeks pregnant it’s really getting close now.


My bump is massive, i’m definitely not one of those lucky pregnant ladies who still has muscle definition around the stomach. I’m basically carrying the weight of a house on the front side of my body it’s all boobs and bump at this point!

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-46-31-pmCheck out the photo to the right. This was me 10 weeks pregnant, the photo stated “I’ve finally popped” Haha boy did i have no idea…

The itching has started, it seems my stomach now feels as though i’ve had an allergic reaction and is constantly itchy. This is due to the crazy amount my skin is stretching, layers of oil seem to be providing slight relief.

Ribs – this trimester our boy decided he fancied right side of my stomach. This doesn’t provide him with enough room when he wants to stretch out, so he seems to be using my ribs as a kicking cushion. This is agony. To any ladies who have felt this pain, what on earth are they doing? Did they not enjoy the lunch menu and decided payback for that salad was a good yank in the ribs?

Would you like to upsize to a complimentary side of  back pain with your ribs?

So when the ribs get going, the back decides not to behave either. This trimester the back pain has been BAD. I’ve tried everything, chiropractor, pregnancy massage and am currently seeing an osteopath who came highly recommended by a lady from my pregnancy yoga class. The last visit went very well. After two days the baby moved to the left side of the stomach after months of favouring the right, this immediately improved the back pain. I have my third session with her next week so will keep you updated.

Baby movement. This has totally changed now, It’s difficult to explain but rather than little kicking sensations it feels as though he is rolling around slowly but strongly. It can even be slightly uncomfortable now and quite a surprise! Although the sensation has changed, it is still one of the best feelings i’ve ever experienced!

Braxton Hicks. Once the baby movement changed i assumed the tightening and rock hard feeling in my stomach was due to him rolling around. I spoke to my midwife who explained, i was most likely having Braxton Hicks contractions. This has been happening a lot recently if i sit in a chair for too long it will tighten and it feels as though someone is pointing rudely at people in front of me through my stomach.


My mind is babies, birth and boobs. Most evening’s you will find me reading mum blogs or watching birth documentaries. By the time i’m in labour Sam will be so comfortable with the idea of a watermelon pushing through a vagina that it will seem totally normal thanks to the doco’s….. Am i right?

Baby brain is a FACT! Particularly during this last trimester. Prior to pregnancy i merely thought it was an old wives tale or simply an excuse. I was wrong. My memory is complete mush, I struggle to remember conversations or even simple daily tasks like my car keys ending up in the pantry. Probably makes sense though really, one should never leave the house on an empty stomach ha.

Rather than focusing on the birth, the stages of labour and mentally preparing myself for it. I am now focusing on the fact you give birth and then you have a little human to look after. For so long my concentration was on the birth and understanding what is happening to your body at this time. I’ve now realised, it is inevitable. Baby is going to come out one way or another. I’m now focusing on looking after the baby once he is born, the fourth trimester” as they call it.

This brings me to the excitement, all the back pain, rib kicks and nausea in the world can’t stop the overall feeling of pure excitement to meet him. Washing and folding baby clothes is now a highlight, even though i’ve seen it all before, it becomes even cuter once you start folding it and putting it into the nursery drawers!


Weather – This trimester i have been loving the weather. Wet weather that is! I am a summer gal through and through and always have been. Beach holidays with summer heat are my dreams. However that has all changed this trimester. I enjoy the rain, when it rains i feel calm, happy and a huge sense of relief. Hot weather is not my friend at the moment.

It’s Started! The birthing train has started, two ladies from our antenatal class have given birth to the most beautiful baby girls. It really becomes a reality when the ladies who you sat in a room with, for 5 weeks discussing all things babies, now have their very own.

So far i’m feeling confident about the birth and do believe i have the strength to get through it. The closer to the arrival date the less fear i seem to have which is a great feeling!

Power to the Preggos! x


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    November 18, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Oh I am soooo excited for you! And you are doing so well and look incredible despite all the little aches and pains! haha and here we go with washing again, us two weirdos haha 😉 still not over it either…plus it’s so easy…one machine pretty much washes all the baby clothes the boys currently wear…it’s so teeny tiny! Anyway, loved you update- keep going strong Mumma-to-be xxx

    • Reply
      November 18, 2016 at 8:02 pm

      Thank you honey! Haha baby clothes are just too much, we are crazy. xxxx

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