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Beginning of 2018 I made a decision to hold myself accountable and start prioritizing myself. What I mean by that is, simply having my own personal goals outside of motherhood and to work hard to achieve them. I adore being a mother and it is truly my passion, when I became a Mum I found a sense of peace in the fact that I had finally found my “calling” or what I had always wanted to do in life. However running around after a toddler, managing a household, working, staying social, all of those external factors can see you stretched in so many directions as a mother and you can find yourself having nothing left to give. I have definitely come to realise over the past year that if I don’t really look after myself and put a huge emphasis on MYSELF and MY needs then how do I really show up be present and give myself to those I love the most?

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Babies Family

Post Birth Realities

You & Your Partner Become REALLY Comfortable
If you are like me, you will plan on being covered up downstairs for most of your labour and potentially sitting up or on a swiss ball for majority of the contractions. WRONG In that time you will do whatever you god damn need to, to get through the pain ,if that means bending over on all fours with your butt all up in your man’s face then that’s what you will do! Continue Reading

Babies Family

How To Help A New Mum Post Birth

Sam and I are so, so lucky to have incredible support all around us. Mason has 8 grandparents who absolutely adore him and have provided tremendous support over the past three weeks since Mason’s arrival earth side.

This help meant i could take a shower, wash my hair, have food provided, washing done, house cleaned and even the dog walked. Continue Reading