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My On The Go Pregnancy Snack

If you have been following my blog for some time you will know that I am not the biggest sweet tooth but when I am it hits like WILD FIRE. Especially being pregnant now with baby number two.  Baking is definitely not one of my strengths I can whip you up a bloody tasty savoury snack but don’t be expecting homemade cookies and cakes when you show up to my house.

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Venison & Japanese Noodle Salad

This is seriously one of the easiest and tastiest salads I’ve had. It’s also one that looks far harder than it really is, so you can bank on people thinking you are one of those domesticated ladies who just has it all figured out, we all want to be her so trust me you going to thank me for adding this to your rotation of staple recipes.

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Cooking with Whitney – Green Quinoa Frittata Muffins

Here’s the deal – I am seriously struggling to get Mason to eat anything resembling a vegetable, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. There is plenty of green goodness is packed into these muffins and I’ve blended up the vegetables, so you won’t find any green chunks in these muffins either.

I’m loving the change of season produce! We picked up some fresh, locally-grown silverbeet to use from Countdown, however you could use any greens that you have on hand. So ideal for the lunchbox for preschool too.

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” 1 ½ cups chicken stock/home-made bone broth
” ¾ Cup of quinoa rinsed and drained
” 4 eggs
” 1 cup of silverbeet or greens of choice
” 1 onion
” ½ cup of bacon
” 1 cup of cheese tasty or parmesan
” ¼ cup of chopped parsley /herbs of choice
” Salt
” Pepper


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Grease 6 muffin cups.
2. Bring the quinoa and stock to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until quinoa has soaked up the stock and is of a fluffy consistency.
3. In a fry pan cook onions until translucent then add in bacon.
4. In a blender add the eggs and greens. Blend until a smooth consistency.
5. Add the blended egg and green mixture, cooked bacon and onion, cheese, parsley, salt & pepper to a large bowl. Stir until all ingredients are mixed together.
6. Spoon mixture to the top of each prepared muffin cup.
7. Bake in preheated oven until the edges of frittatas are golden brown, about 20 – 30 minutes. Allow to cool at least 5 minutes in the pan before serving. Serve hot or cold.

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Lastly feed these bad boys to your toddler and feel the satisfaction as you watch them eat all the greens :

Thank you to countdown for supplying the beautiful fresh produce used to create this recipe.
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Queenstown F45 8 Week Challenge

It’s Official, i’ve committed to the F45 8 week challenge at Queenstown’s new studio. Why would i do such a thing? Over the past few months i have really let myself go and to be honest i have been quite unhappy and not feeling myself at all. Physcially but mainly mentally. My mental health has been up and down like crazy and i have spoken before about how i suffer with anxiety and depression and have done so for many years but like the rudest in-law you might have, they keep coming back uninvited and with a big bloody BANG. Continue Reading

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Beginning of 2018 I made a decision to hold myself accountable and start prioritizing myself. What I mean by that is, simply having my own personal goals outside of motherhood and to work hard to achieve them. I adore being a mother and it is truly my passion, when I became a Mum I found a sense of peace in the fact that I had finally found my “calling” or what I had always wanted to do in life. However running around after a toddler, managing a household, working, staying social, all of those external factors can see you stretched in so many directions as a mother and you can find yourself having nothing left to give. I have definitely come to realise over the past year that if I don’t really look after myself and put a huge emphasis on MYSELF and MY needs then how do I really show up be present and give myself to those I love the most?

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Queenstown With Whitney – AKARUA Wines & Kitchen by Artisian Review

Being a foodie and wine enthusiast who lives in Queenstown certainly has it’s perks, besides the beautiful scenery of course. At home I keep things quite simple when cooking but draw inspiration from dining out and i’ve made sure that hasn’t fallen to the waist side since becoming a Mum.

I am inundated with messages regarding where to wine and dine or what to do in Queenstown that is both family friendly but also the ideal date night (kid free) in Queenstown. Seen as i’m often found wine and dining i thought i would include more reviews on Queenstown. Where to eat, what to do, family friendly cafe’s, date night dinners and Mum pamper days – stay tuned for it all.  Continue Reading


Cooking With Whitney – Homemade Vegan Spicy Ramen 

This recipe was adapted from the beautiful Pinch of Yum blog who i adore. Of course, if you watch my instagram stories… you know i like to adapt recipes and add what i call a little “flare” to an already exceptional recipe (much to my partners annoyance haha) I’m all about using what ingredients you have on hand so if you don’t have all of these ingredients do not worry as long as you have the broth ingredients you should be sorted and then just top with any vegetables and herbs you have on hand

We are eating a predominantly plant based diet now (it’s amazing and you should too) but if you fancy meat or dairy a great addition to this recipe would be some poached chicken and an egg. Honestly though it doesn’t need it!

This is one of my ‘go to vegan meals’ that i tend to rotate and continue to adapt and develop every time i make it, it’s sweet, salty, no fuss kind of food and that is what Cooking With Whitney is all about.

Spicy Miso Paste:

  • 1 onion
  • ½ cup red miso i used awase miso paste from the supermarket
  • 2 tbsp of sirracha or any chilli sauce you have on hand
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • small piece of ginger
  • 3 tbsp mirin (if you don’t have this just leave it out)
  • 1tbsp any oil
  • 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
  • soy sauce


  • tofu (i used x1 packet of Bean Supreme that is marinated in honey & garlic but you could also use plain)
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 4 mushrooms sliced
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 cups plain unsweetened soy milk
  • 1 packet of ramen noodles (if i don’t have these on hand i use udon or rice noodles or even spaghetti)
  • Vegetables of choice – i chose, broccoli, spinach, can corn drained, coriander – a giant handful, lemon/lime.
  1. Pulse all miso paste ingredients together in a blender until a smooth, thick paste forms. I also added coriander storks and spring onion stalks to be blended that i cut up to add to the top of the ramen once it is cooked. Don’t waste food people!
  2. To a pan fry up the tofu with the sauce included in the packet until golden brown, then put aside. To that same pan add in the mushrooms and then put aside with the tofu.
  3. To the same pan, add half of the miso paste and stir fry until golden brown. Add the stock and soy milk and bring to a simmer. Taste and adjust seasoning – add salt or a little soy sauce until it tastes like a spicy ramen broth. You may need to continue to add water/stock and more or less miso paste to get the consistency of the broth you wish to have.
  4. Cook the ramen noodles according to package instructions and drain well. When drained add a little oil to them to stop them from sticking together.
  5. While they are cooking pop a steamer on top of this pan and add broccoli on top and steam until cooked. Use whatever vegetables you fancy.
  6. To serve pop the noodles into the bowl and top with the broth then add your chosen vegetables. I like to add as many vegetables and toppings as i can and this day i used a can of corn drained, spinach, spring onions, the cooked mushrooms and tofu and giant handful of coriander because i live for it. Add a slice or lemon or lime on top and squeeze on top right before serving.

Pour yourself a wine and enjoy! Let me know if you give this recipe a try.


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MUMBOD – Vietnamese Edition

This is for all the new mama’s who are adjusting to their new bodies and learning to accept and love themselves whole heartedly. Mother’s can put huge expectations on themselves to bounce back after having a baby and be accepted into the “milfy mum club”.  Why do we expect to be perfect and until we are, we pick ourselves apart? It’s god damn exhausting!  I’m guilty of this myself but i’m here to say F IT! EMBRACE the new body because #curvesarecool and if you don’t own it, by the time you are 90 years old  you will regret not wearing that bikini before your butt sagged and your boobs fell below your waistline.  Continue Reading