My On The Go Pregnancy Snack

If you have been following my blog for some time you will know that I am not the biggest sweet tooth but when I am it hits like WILD FIRE. Especially being pregnant now with baby number two.  Baking is definitely not one of my strengths I can whip you up a bloody tasty savoury snack but don’t be expecting homemade cookies and cakes when you show up to my house.

So during pregnancy when the sweet tooth hits it’s a slap you in the face kind of moment and if I don’t have something sweet on hand then get the hell out of my way because I will be raging or most likely crying over the fact that Sam ate the last row of chocolate without even considering my pregnant feelings (and he keeps saying i’m highly sensitive at the moment, it’s called survival 101 in my eyes. Don’t eat a preggo gals’ food, like EVER)

My dream snack and go to I have shared with you all many times before is the Fibre One bar. This is a preggo gals dream. It tastes like fudge cake and it is individually portioned controlled so if you are like me and can smash out a whole block of chocolate during big red month or when a preggo craving hits then this is a BIG WIN! I might eat three of them but I like the idea that each one is 90 calories per bar so it barely counts.

I even took mine over to our Noosa holiday with us because I’m just a tad obsessed with these bad boys. Let’s be real a little indulgence never hurt nobody but if you are going to indulge you want it to be the goods and hit the spot. These do not disappoint.

Throw them in the handbag and once you get a moment to yourself pop out this bad boy and wash it down with a coconut milk latte (single shot)

I would love to hear what you’re on the go handbag snacks are while pregnant?


You can find these bad boys in most supermarkets at an affordable price.

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