Queenstown F45 8 Week Challenge

It’s Official, i’ve committed to the F45 8 week challenge at Queenstown’s new studio. Why would i do such a thing? Over the past few months i have really let myself go and to be honest i have been quite unhappy and not feeling myself at all. Physcially but mainly mentally. My mental health has been up and down like crazy and i have spoken before about how i suffer with anxiety and depression and have done so for many years but like the rudest in-law you might have, they keep coming back uninvited and with a big bloody BANG.

Only this year has my mental health really become a challenge again up until this point i felt it was under control but the less i prioritise my health and smash back takeaways and Central Otago pinot noir my waistline screams and with that my mental health takes a huge dive. When that takes a dive so to do my relationships, self esteem and my mum-cred… you get the drill!

So i decided enough was enough and it was time to be accountable & really put myself to work, kill bad habits and start fresh! When i heard about the new Queenstown F45 Studio i was very eager to check it out. Firstly if you don’t know what F45 is, where the hell have you been living?! It’s 45 minutes of high intensity interval training with up to 27 other people and a trainer or two who are their to guide you in class, help with your weights and form. It’s hard, it’s addictive & it gets results.

The 8 Week Challenge is done 4 times a year, you start with a body scan which breaks you down to every detail (talk about confronting) It measures EVERYTHING but what i am interested in is body fat percentage and muscle mass. So far i am sitting out of the optimal range in everything and am very happy that i have confronted these results when i have! It’s only down from here baybayyyy. This scan is then re-done at the end of the challenge so you can compare data and of course before and after photos are taken. You can also win prizes within your studio and globally.

A huge part of the 8 week challenge is it comes with a meal plan, now if you know me or watch my instagram stories you know i love to cook  and i love food but on MY terms. I am a huge foodie and am often watching food docos if not browsing local menus, total creep i know! We generally eat quite healthy with minimal dairy and not a whole lot of gluten. I usually have a red wine or two most nights and on weekends i love a good carb load. I really needed a reset to kill bad habits and hold me accountable so i have been following the meal plan and prepping meals in advance. During the full 8 weeks no alcohol is to be consumed either, pretty sure the last time i went that long without a vino was when i was pregnant.

The meal plan is broken down into three stages

  1. Spring Training – 2 Weeks Duration. This focuses on detoxing the body & that means no sugar, dairy, red meat, coffee and alcohol. Yes you heard right to all the mums out there reading this NO COFFEE!!
  2. Regular Season – 4 Weeks Duration. This is all about high protein, one black coffee a day is allowed here and red meat is introduced.
  3. World Series – 2 Weeks Duration. This is all about stripping the last bits of fat off that bod and getting you shredded. high fat low carb diet for these two weeks.

Throughout the whole challenge they reccommend 3 cups of green tea a day, 3L of water & hot water with lemon in the morning.


Meal Plan

The first three days without coffee were HARD. i splurged a few times on a decaf latte and i never thought i would say this but i’ve really forgotten about coffee right now. I know every mum who lives off coffee won’t believe me as they read this but i promise you it’s the truth. Green Tea becomes your friend!

This beginning of the week was easy sticking to the meal plan however on Friday i got sick, we are talking full blown head cold, body aches the works and i ended up having a tom yum soup that night because i couldn’t stomach anything else. The next day i woke up worse and i followed the breakfast however made a healthy chicken soup and ate that for lunch and dinner. I felt extremely frustrated that i got sick because it meant i was finding it far harder to stick to the meal plan but a gal got to do what a gal got to do people and in this instance it was EAT THE DAMN SOUP. It’s Sunday as i write this and i still am not feeling well at all so training tomorrow will be off the cards. I would rather listen to my body than push it too far and end up with a longer recovery.


For my first week i did x4 workouts & i had planned to do a minimum of 5 however was unable to due to sickness. The exercise is fun, trainers kick your ass & it’s an awesome environment and energy in the room! It’s safe to say after one week i’m hooked. I look forward to the next class everyday.

Last but not least here are my “before photos” and stats i’m getting real personal here people so be kind! Although it is hard to share these photos i need to hold myself accountable and really own who i am and what it is i want to achieve. Hopefully by doing so this will motivate another mum who like me is ready to feel like themselves again!

Weight:  73.9kg (heaviest ever been)

Body Fat: 24.0 kg

Body Fat Percentage: 32.5%

Fitness Age: 30 (yikes i’m not 30 people!!)


My goal overall is to lose 5kg, drop body fat to below 30% and most of all to improve my mentality!

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