The Day I Found Out

I discovered i was pregnant initially because i had extremely sore boobs and was 2 days or so late on my period, which is not out of the ordinary so i didn’t think much of it! Following that, one night i started to over analyse (again not unusual)and lay awake majority of the night googling symptoms of pregnancy.

That morning without saying anything to Sam as soon as he left for work i immediately jumped to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test that was very old! Whilst waiting for the result i sat on the dining room table in my dressing gown talking to myself about how i am so over dramatic and it won’t be positive etc.

A few minutes later i walked into the bathroom again where the test sat, took one look and it was POSITIVE! and a strong thick positive line too! I had always wondered what my reaction would be in this situation and it was exactly as i had predicted. I burst into tears and couldn’t stop shaking, then probably spent about 5 minutes just staring at myself in the mirror. At this point i was so overwhelmed that i honestly couldn’t tell you how i felt. Happy, anxious, nervous, ecstatic, far too many emotions to put into words.

Without any hesitation i drove down to the pharmacy to pick up two more tests, incase that first one was a mistake. Again every test showed up positive.That day i had work in the afternoon so i had the morning to mentally prepare myself to go out into the world in this state haha. To be honest the entire work shift was an absolute blur!

Sam had work all day and then on the way to pick him up from the office at 6pm he called saying he had a work dinner and wouldn’t be home until later. This was torture to my ears, i had found out first thing that morning that i was pregnant and had NOT TOLD A SOUL! I was going absolutely crazy. The amount of times i had to fight the urge to call my mum or my friends and just scream it out over the phone.

Anyway Sam arrived home at around 9.30pm that night which left me in between aimlessly walking around the house, enough time to figure out a slightly fun way that i could surprise him with the news and try to work out when i could possibly be due.

I decided i wanted a bit of shock factor so i wrapped up the pregnancy tests in wrapping paper and around that i had attached a note which said….

JAN 2017…. Can’t wait to meet you Daddy.

This was then put into a post haste bag ATTN: SAM MAYELL and his work details.

Most of that evening was spent texting him every 10 minutes. “Is there any possible way you can leave early? You need to be home right now.” The poor guy probably thought i had lost my mind (again not unusual). When he FINALLY arrived home i had set up a bit of a sneaky camera on my phone near the parcel so i could catch his reaction 🙂 so sneaky indeed.

I directed him to the work parcel and claimed he should open it then and there…. He opened the parcel and didn’t even understand the note, He took one look and scrunched it into a ball… then once he unwrapped the tests he was in utter shock! He thought i was joking at first, but the tests really didn’t lie.

Without sounding cliche as soon as i saw his reaction all the anxiety and worry that i had about it totally washed away. I was finally able to share that i was pregnant and that we were going to be parents! We were both so excited.

This will be one of those moments that i never forget, i’m so glad that i went to the little bit of effort that i did in telling him rather than blurting it out on the phone. To anyone who is an open book like myself, you will likely struggle with holding it in but i can assure you it’s well worth it!

Whitney xx

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    October 20, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Love this story, I think I remember you ringing me that day and sounding bit (unusual) haha xx

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