The Highlights of Pregnancy – 36 Week’s In!

With only ONE MONTH left of this pregnancy i wanted to reflect on some of the highlights of my pregnancy. It has been one hell of an experience so far with so many up’s and down’s. There are so many little moments to reflect on but here are just 7 PREGNANCY HIGHLIGHTS THUS FAR:

THE FIRST SCAN– This seems like so long ago!  I had no idea what to expect for this appointment aside from the fact that all things going to plan, we were going to see our baby for the very first time.

We walked into a little room and were greeted by two ladies one in training and her supervisor. The trainee proceeded with the stomach scan. Before we went to this appointment the doctor instructed to have a full bladder, this provides better sight for the scan. Me being me, I of course followed these instructions and skulled a 1L bottle of water prior to the appointment.

Unless you would like to opt for a rod to be put up your vagina, don’t follow my lead! I’d drank so much water that they couldn’t even see past the gallons of water i had skulled.

The good side of this was that the vaginal scan was a LOT clearer and without much probing we found the baby! He looked a little like a monkey with a tail to be totally honest, but the cutest monkey-baby to ever grace this planet.Watery eyes took over, i completely forgot that i had two ladies in the same room (one with a rod up my vagina). That was it, I was straight up in love with this kid already! Monkey tail and all.


BABY’S FIRST KICK – This may be terrible to admit (mum fail already) but i don’t remember feeling the babies first kick. It was all very confusing to be honest, I thought i had constant gas and digestion problems but looking back now they were little baby kicks i just had no idea what i was feeling at the time.

What i do remember vividly, is Sam feeling the baby kick! What a cool moment! It can’t be easy for the guy to feel super connected to the baby when they can’t feel what you do during pregnancy. So when they do physically feel the baby themselves its like a lightbulb switches on for them and now it’s seriously exciting.

BUMP EVOLVES – The moment you go from eating too many pies, to the i’m not fat i’m pregnant stage! This is a good day, you finally not only feel pregnant but you look it too! It tends to make the sickness and constant nausea all feel worthwhile when you can see a baby is growing.

GETTING CLOSER – One of the coolest things i’ve experienced is the joy that a baby (who isn’t even born yet) can bring not only you and your partner but all those closest to you!

This is the first Grandchild to some of the grandparents (we are lucky enough to have 6 of them… did someone say spoilt baby? haha) We are so lucky to have the supportive family that we do and since being pregnant i’ve really come to appreciate all of them that much more! They have all been there and their knowledge is everything. After all they raised you and i’m sure like myself, you like to think you are pretty kick arse and turned out alright?

How does one survive without her girlfriends though? I sure as hell don’t know – thank god for mine!

We moved away from majority of my very close friends beginning of this year. The support i’ve received from my friends is beyond what i would ever expect, listening to me cry on the phone from a hormonal outrage or killer back pain, organising my baby shower and insisting i do nothing,  visiting me in Queenstown whilst i play terrible host – spending majority of the time on the couch or vomiting in the toilet!  I’ll tell you one thing, when you get pregnant your lifestyle will change and you will realise who your true friends are. Lucky enough for me, i struck gold with mine but to be honest i already knew that.

MEETING NEW PEOPLE & ANTENATAL –  As my pregnancy draws to the end i have found that we have started to meet more people on the same page as us who have moved to Queenstown recently and have children etc. Also the people who we have previously met seem to be so excited for us and our baby and it feels as though we have started to make progress here creating a wee community of support in Queenstown.

I had no idea what to expect for Antenatal Classes! Our antenatal group set up a FB page for all of us to discuss the never ending pregnancy and motherhood questions and post updates on their births etc. This i’ve found amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to meet one of the mama’s beautiful two week old baby girl. To be pregnant at the same time as people and then see them with their babies knowing that will be you in only a few weeks time is possibly one of the coolest experiences to date!


BABY GENDER REVEAL –  Of course finding out the gender has to make the cut! This was definitely a huge highlight and the main reason is because we got to share it with so many of our close friends and family. We all had no idea what the sex would be so it was a huge surprise for everyone!

 fullsizeoutput_bbdSTRONGER SENSE OF SELF- Pregnancy involves DECISIONS , a lot of them! Some so important that your babies health and wellbeing rely on it. I’ve never had to make such serious decisions on behalf of someone who has no voice to say what they want. Not to mention the never ending varied opinions of everyone on every subject to do with raising a baby.

This has really taught me to trust myself, I listen to everyone’s opinions and want to learn from them but at the end of the day i will make the decision that i trust in and that’s the end of it. I respect yours, you respect mine. If you don’t that’s your problem.

I’m not suggesting that is easy! Decisions like  to vaccinate or not, how i will give birth, how i will feed our baby all these things are so important and it’s all on you as the parent. So you may as well tune into your instincts, trust them and back them 100% because who the heck will if you don’t?

Pregnancy is not easy – to say the least! Although now that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight i’ve found myself appreciating all the little moments i’ve had thus far and am feeling so grateful to have been able to actually experience these moments.




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    December 9, 2016 at 7:35 am

    Loved reading this – so glad you’ve found a good support network over in Queenstown too! My worry about being in Cromwell was always about feeling isolated once the baby arrives, as I knew nobody but that’s all starting to change! Good luck with everything moving forward mama! Such an exciting time 🙂 x

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      December 12, 2016 at 9:44 am

      Hi Rhea, Thank you for the kind words. I can so relate to the isolation, I’ve slowly met new people and built up relationships which makes such a difference! When you start antenatal classes too that will help a lot. 🙂 Hope your journey is going well 🙂 xxx

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