My Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

My pregnancy has not been a magical unicorn ride, like some women seem to have (yes i’m jealous).  I have had many up’s and down’s including “morning sickness”, nausea, pains, fatigue and i can assure you i’ve tried every remedy under the sun! To save you some much needed trial and error like myself, here are my holy grail must have items that have given me the pick me up on those much needed preggo days.


1. Moisturising Body Oil
I have two favourite body oil’s that i massage onto my belly twice daily, morning and night. I usually massage this into my stomach after a shower or evening bath. Currently i have only a few tiny stretch marks on the sides of my hips and none on my stomach (touch wood) but i most definitely think both of those oils have helped my skin tremendously.

A girlfriend of mine who has a 4 month old baby recommended the Weleda Stretch Mark Oil. She ended up with zero stretch marks so of course i listened to her and purchased this lovely product. This oil is totally natural and has all the goodness of almond oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil.


The second oil is from one of my favourite New Zealand brands Nature Baby Belly Stretch Oil. This contains rosehip, geranium, carrot and almond oil. Also natural and also extremely hydrating.


2. Body Moisturiser

Hands down my absolute favourite body moisturiser is my go to Ecoya Hand & Body Lotion – Coconut & Elderflower.  I adore the entire Ecoya range but this fragrance really is delicious. When wearing this  lotion i often get compliments about what i am wearing on my skin. Usually i will apply the oil to my belly and body, once that is soaked in i lather this goodness all over.


3. Kombucha

Since being pregnant for the past 6 months i have been thirsty all the time. I can’t get enough liquids in, one of my new favourites is the Good Buzz Lemon & Ginger Kombucha. For the first and second trimester i thought i was unable to drink this due to the 1% alcohol content but i discussed this with my midwife and she explained that the alcohol content is so minimal it has no relevance. Kombucha has become a popular drink within the health community and for good reason. It contains either green or black tea that has been fermented and has all the probiotic goodness. Good Buzz Brewing Co is a New Zealand comany and the Lemon & Ginger is my favourite flavour.


4. Pregnancy Pillow

Another recent addition is my pregnancy pillow. I was kindly gifted this by a friend to use for the last trimester. I am not kidding you ladies, DO NOT WAIT like i did to purchase one of these for yourselves. Buy one for the first trimester you will not regret it! Sleeping has been like a dream since i’ve had this. I’ve listed one very similar to mine below.


5. Acupuncture

To anyone who has suffered with morning sickness and constant fatigue, i am right there with you. After trying almost every ginger product known to man kind, snacking on small meals throughout the day and every other remedy for “morning sickness”, I decided to look into natural methods. Acupuncture was first on the list and i will forever be an acupuncture fan now. My acupuncturist i believe is a miracle worker.

I suggest you find a highly sought after therapist who specialises in pregnancy. I went in rather skeptical and after just one session, i felt immediate relief after one hour. Stick needles in me all you like, if it takes away even the tiniest bit of morning sickness sign me up.

6. Maternity Jeans

Throughout this pregnancy i have strayed away from traditional maternity dresses and clothing items. Instead opting to wear normal clothes in a size or two up. I am a total jeans and t-shirt type gal myself but once my hair tie could no longer provide enough strength to hold the button on my usual jeans up, i retired to the idea that if i want jeans they have to be maternity. Seen as it is heading into summer i opted for the under the bump style and these are the comfiest jeans i have ever owned!


I purchased the Ripe Maternity Jean – Black Ankle Grazer Bundle Boutique in Christchurch.

7. Good Quality Basics

I have lived in these t-shirts from Seed they aren’t specifically maternity but they are perfect for pregnancy. An asymmetrical style ensures the lumps are covered and also provides lots of room for the bump to grow. Although Seed is not a maternity store, you will find multiple items that suit the pregnancy body. These basics are the best quality basics i have owned and are so soft.


8. Probiotics

I have eczema and find that these probiotics help immensely to keep the eczema at bay. This trimester my iron has dropped dramatically and since i am taking extra iron supplements, these probiotics help to keep everything regular 😉


9. Apples!

The amount of fruit i am eating is surely not normal. Many people may say I’m consuming too much sugar but if my body wants fruit i’m going to give in. I could think of far worse cravings to be honest.

10. Support

Last but definitely not least, i would be totally and utterly lost without my friends and family. I have been a crazy hormonal pregnancy monster. The only thing that has got me through some days is a conversation with my best friend, mum, or talking about our baby boy’s adventures with the soon to be grandparents. Make sure you surround yourself with those loved ones who will be there for you, preggo monster hormones and all.


Purchase Items Discussed Above:

  1. Weleda Stretch Mark Oil
  2.  Nature Baby Belly Stretch Oil
  3. Ecoya Coconut & Elderflower Hand & Body Lotion
  4. Good Buzz Kombucha
  5. Pregnancy Pillow
  6. Ripe Maternity Jeans
  7. Seed T-shirts
  8. Probiotics

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