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As a new mum you will be overwhelmed by all the products that are available on the market. It seems there is something for every, tiny little activity.

To save you some time and money i will update you monthly with a new segment to the blog called YAY OR NAY. To sum it up, are these products worth the hype?

First on the list, is the infamous Baby Shusher.


The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested technique to help soothe your fussy baby. The Baby Shusher breaks a baby’s crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds the baby of being inside the womb, where there is a constant inundation of loud sounds from blood flow and other in utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner). These sounds, which may initially seem harsh, are actually very calming to a baby.
Revolutionary product – quickly soothes fussy baby with rhythmic “shush” sound
Parenting technique from “The Happiest Baby on the Block”
Timing options – 15 or 30 minutes with and user controlled volume

Before the Baby Shusher i would use my iPhone with the white noise apps to settle Mason to sleep.

This did work, however i was too afraid to move my phone once he had settled. This meant I had no phone, at a time when i should be taking full advantage of baby free hands, to do important tasks like stalking mum bloggers on my instagram feed or googling something baby related, just to make sure i’m not completely winging this mum thing (who am i kidding? I’m definitely winging it)

Or i would make it to the supermarket, check my phone for the list…. and the battery would be flat, again. Phone is flat, Mum brain is in full force and I of course end up buying nappies and wine (the essentials!) I Forget the meat and vegetables… so baked beans on toast for dinner it is. Dad will be stoked.

Having my phone handy is a requirement because baked beans for dinner when breast feeding is not the best idea. Unless you want your baby to fart in public and people think it’s you. Especially if your baby can clear a god damn room his gas is that toxic (a story for another day).

So saving my phone, stomach and dignity is the Baby Shusher

I use this generally x2 a day if not more. For Mason’s two main sleeps during the day which i swaddle him for around midday and his evening nap at around 7pm.

Once i have fed and swaddled him, he has yawned a few times and settled with closed eyes for at least 5minutes, i will pop him into his bassinet in a dark room and have it on 50% volume. He will usually have a dummy in and i will pat the side of his leg lightly. This will take a few minutes and generally he will settle in for a decent nap.

In the case that he is struggling to settle and crying, I will have the shusher on full volume in his nursery where it is darker and rock him to sleep in my arms. Once he begins to settle and eyes eventually close i turn the volume down.

I always face the shusher towards him, right next to his bed. I don’t bother with the short timers, i only use the long one.

I’ve found that by using this sound and swaddling, Mason recognises that it is time to sleep and can settle a lot faster than he would without it.


More colour options and a less intrusive logo in Shusher 2.0 would go a long way. Only negative i could come up with.


Since using this product i’ve never ran out of battery on my phone. I can use my phone when he is sleeping and it repeatedly helps to soothe him when he is crying, helping me establish a sleep time routine. It’s portable so great for travel – just pop it in the car seat pouch or nappy bag. We recently used it for our 6 hour car drive from Queenstown to Christchurch.

For all of the above reasons it’s a WINNER for me!

This product is a new mum “must have” and would make a great gift for anyone who is soon to be expecting.

If you would like to purchase one you can buy online at
Sleepytot New Zealand 


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